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Our Story

Our perceptions of ourselves are often shaped by what we see and feel around us. XavierArts is about embracing your own beauty and sharing the love. All people and cultures have a unique beauty that should be shared with the world. As the daughter of two army officers, I  traveled to many countries and experience the beauty of diversity first-hand. These experiences became the foundation for my artistic inspiration. I started drawing the world around me as I embraced being immersed in cultures different from my own. 

For most of my adult life, I only considered my artistic skills to be a hobby. Most of my adult career was spent in the world of education and administration. Until one afternoon, I found my four-year-old daughter crying saying that she was ugly after seeing the movie Rapunzel. " My beautiful curly-haired child was comparing her afro- curly hair to Disney's Rapunzel. I always told my child she was beautiful, but she needed to see it." That day an idea formed and began to build momentum. I realized that like my daughter there were many adults who felt just like my child. I believe representation matters on all levels. On a mission to give my daughter, and anyone feeling pressure to be anything other than themselves, I created XavierArts. I designed coloring books, posters, and prints that highlight the beauty of different ethnic groups.