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Colored pencils on mandia

Coloring Tips and Tricks for Adult Coloring Books

 Learn the best coloring tips and tricks to improve all the coloring artwork for all new adult coloring book enthusiast.

  1. Always test any markers or gel pens you use on a page in the back or the cover page to check to see if it bleeds through or leaves a shadow, particularly if the book has double-sided pages.
  2. Slip a piece of paper behind the page you are coloring just to protect the pages behind from denting them if you have a heavy hand or bleed-through issues.
  3. Sharpen your pencil more than you think you need to.
  4. Slow down – you aren’t selling these pages. Enjoy yourself and you will be happier with your colorings.
  5. Buy books one at a time so you can see which ones you really like to color in. (I have wasted way too much money buying books I really don’t enjoy)
  6. If you color in public, another tip is to take an extra book (maybe one of those you don’t particularly like) your friend will walk in and want to join in when they see what you are doing.
  7. Go to the biggest art store in town to check which pencils you like the feel of. Playing with pencils is so great and they will usually have them available to buy one at a time. The prices on Amazon are always cheaper but that way you can test them all. I bought a few of each kind and brought them home. Plus you can never have too many pencils!! That’s a rule!
  8. Buy the biggest selection of colors that you can afford. It ends up being cheaper than buying a small box of 12 or 24 and then filling in with singles. I find 36 colors is a minimum number as those sets usually have 3 of each color so you can have a base color + shading and highlighting colors.
  9. Get a free coloring sheet and monthly discounts when you sign up for the XavierArts new letter.
  • Join a Colouring / Coloring Book Facebook pageto learn and get support. There are dozens! If you join one that’s drama-filled.. leave and look for another.
  • Search YouTube for tutorials – there are thousands. Some of my favorites are here.
  • Have fun and color outside the lines and honor and have fun!


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