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This one is a natural technique for people who embrace their creativity wholeheartedly and love to disregard any rule that anyone may have ever tried to impart on them about coloring. We should all be that type of person when it comes to coloring. Defy the rules and ignite your creative passions! To do this technique, you’ll simply choose the colors that you want to see in one specific area on a page. An example may be with flowers: you want to give a lily some dimensions so you add a bit of gold or silver lines toward the base of the petals or add some dots on the tips before you actually begin to use the color that the petal, itself, will be. Or you can color that same petal lightly with one color (maybe a light yellow) and then do another light color-over with a soft orange or coral color. The combination of these two colors together is quite beautiful and you cannot find a coloring medium of any sort that will just give you that color the way you’ve created. It feels amazing to be original, right?

The techniques are highly aligned with the personal exploration and challenging of our own perceptions that many adults have who begin coloring. They give you some ideas to run wild with, but the final outcome of what you create will always be your original work of art.

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